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Sex, Lies & Obsession

Prostitutes. Pornography. One night stands. Meaningless flings in far away cities. Late night cruises in bad neighborhoods. Anyone passing Dr. Cameron Thomas in the street would never guess these things might be part of his life. After all, he’s got everything a man could want a great wife, a successful, respected practice, two wonderful sons. Anyone who knew him would never think he had problems. In fact, Jack himself would deny he had problems. In his mind, […]

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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists | 1×02 Promo "Sex, Lies and Alibis" (HD)

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists 1×02 “Sex, Lies and Alibis” Season 1 Episode 2 Promo – In the wake of Nolan’s murder, Ava, Caitlin and Dylan join forces to give themselves a credible alibi on the night in question. Alison goes toe to toe with Dana Booker, BHU’s new head of security, who is suspicious of Nolan’s “perfect” posse. And Mona starts slipping into old habits while wrestling with a guilty conscience. YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: […]

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Sex, Parties And Lies

Back By Popular Demand! Saturday 4th December @ 8:30pm, The WORLD MOVIES Channel. A no-holds barred look at the exploits of a group of sexy Spanish twenty-something’s discovering life and experimenting with drugs, clubs and sex in the steamy coastal town of Alicante. Paz, Carola, Carlos, Sonia, Nico, Toni, Marina and Leo love to lose themselves in the music and excitement of the frenzied Spanish nightlife; meeting and mingling on beaches, in clubs and in bars. When […]

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