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Inside the overcrowded ICU hospitals on front line of Italy's COVID-19 crisis | 60 Minutes Australia

Subscribe here: Full Episodes here | Brave new world (2020) #60Mins cameras have been allowed exclusive access to the very front-line of the coronavirus catastrophe in Italy. This is the nightmare facing the Australian health system if the pandemic takes hold. Professor Giacomo Grasselli is an intensive care specialist at ground zero of Italy’s exponential outbreak. Four weeks ago, the state of Lombardy had 750 ICU beds, now they have upwards of 3,000 coronavirus patients needing those […]

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We NEED More Testing Kits! | Coronavirus Front Line

As I continue seeing patients during this pandemic, one thing has become crystal clear. WE NEED MORE TESTING KITS! Also, there is still a ton of misinformation that I discuss throughout the video. If you have any questions about this virus please leave them below and share this video with your friends/loved ones! Coronavirus playlist: Best Sources If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take […]

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Diabetes og psyken – Line Maria Sørup

Line Maria Sørup fik type 2-diabetes, da hun var 34 år. ”Når man har type 2-diabetes, kan man godt nogle gange føle, at man bliver bedømt på sin sygdom i stedet for den person, som man er – og som man også var, før man fik diagnosen. Det er jo ikke sådan, at du får at vide, hvorfor du har fået type 2-diabetes, når du får din diagnose. Derfor er det rigtig nemt at putte det prædikat […]

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