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Erectile Dysfunction (New Link Discovered! 2018)

Recent studies show that Erectile Dysfunction or ED is now linked with Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease! Investigators focussed on the link between chronic periodontitis (CP) and erectile dysfunction (ED) due to the fact that both of these diseases have shared risk factors. In recent years, various studies conducted in different parts of the world reported ample evidence linking the conditions as well as showing improvement in ED after gum disease treatment. CP and ED are linked […]

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The Unexpected Link Between Erectile Dysfunction, Viagra & the Heart (ft Medlife Crisis) | Corporis

When researching the testosterone video, I noticed a common theme: men often bought Viagra assuming it was exogenous T. In this video, Dr. Rohin Francis and I break down how erectile dysfunction works and what’s up with Viagra’s efficacy. Subscribe to Medlife Crisis: You may have also noticed that I used annotations for sources in this video. It’s something I’d like to do more of in order to earn your trust. I research each of these videos […]

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