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4 Natural Remedies to Clear Skin & Detox the Body: Matcha, Meditation, Clay Drink + More!

Drinking clay, making DIY matcha face masks, meditating, and dry brushing… Do these natural remedies work to help detox our body & clear our skin?? In this week’s video, Felicia and Mia embark on a week-long challenge to seek beauty from within-ish. 🙂 🏜 #BentoniteClay ╰ Food Grade Bentonite Clay: ╰ Bentonite Clay for Masks: 🍵 #MatchaMask ╰ Matcha Powder: ╰ Organic honey: 🧘🏻‍♀️ #Meditation ╰ Headspace: 🍢 #DryBrush ╰ Short brush: ╰ Brush with handle: ╰ […]

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