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Guided Meditation Sexual Performance Anxiety & Erectile Dysfunction

In this video description I am going to be blunt. The average mouthpiece doesn’t know shit about human anatomy, let alone the etiology of Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Performance Anxiety. Individuals purport themselves to be worthy of proffering advice without the time spent actually working with individuals experiencing these symptoms and without performing actual research. In this video, I go into great length to impart wisdom upon you, the man suffering from ED and performance anxiety. With […]

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Guided Meditation: Male Sexual Dysfunction, Performance Anxiety, Impotence, END THE SELF SABOTAGE

Male sexual dysfunction (MSD) is a serious concern for many men. Indeed it may cripple an individual, but also the couple, as well. What individuals will understand after viewing this video is that there are many downfalls or common failures that prevent any man from performing. Most of the time individuals interpret men as with 6 foot tall walking erections. Men buy into this masculine myth, exacerbating the issue. I take published research and explain well-understood pitfalls. […]

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4 Natural Remedies to Clear Skin & Detox the Body: Matcha, Meditation, Clay Drink + More!

Drinking clay, making DIY matcha face masks, meditating, and dry brushing… Do these natural remedies work to help detox our body & clear our skin?? In this week’s video, Felicia and Mia embark on a week-long challenge to seek beauty from within-ish. 🙂 🏜 #BentoniteClay ╰ Food Grade Bentonite Clay: ╰ Bentonite Clay for Masks: 🍵 #MatchaMask ╰ Matcha Powder: ╰ Organic honey: 🧘🏻‍♀️ #Meditation ╰ Headspace: 🍢 #DryBrush ╰ Short brush: ╰ Brush with handle: ╰ […]

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