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Flash Glucose Monitoring voor mensen met diabetes met intensieve insulinebehandeling

[ad_1] In deze video geeft het Zorginstituut uitleg over de vergoeding uit het basispakket van Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM) voor mensen met diabetes. FGM, een hulpmiddel bij diabetes, komt in het basispakket voor mensen met diabetes type 1 en 2 met een ‘intensief insulineschema’, die nu tenminste 4 keer per dag vingerprikken. De vergoeding geldt vanaf 10 december 2019. [ad_2]

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Living with a Freestyle Libre NFC No-Prick Diabetic Blood Glucose Monitoring system

Arms-on with the Freestyle Libre – and how it has improved my life. A full demonstration including how to apply and remove the NFC sensor. For more information see: AFFLIATED LINKS/ADVERTISING NOTICE All links are Affiliated where possible. When you click on links to various merchants posted here and make a purchase, this can result in me earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network & Amazon. I […]

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Type 2 Diabetes and Daily Blood Sugar Monitoring

Research is telling us that those with Type 2 diabetes don’t need to be testing for blood glucose levels at home and that doing so is a waste of money and a strain on the health care system. Other HCT Episodes on Diabetes: 1. YMCA and the Diabetes Prevention Program: 2. The Effectiveness of Screening and Treating Diabetes: Be sure to check out our podcast! Healthcare Triage Links: 1. Support the channel on Patreon: 2. Check out […]

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