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Natural Remedies for Toe Nail Fungus

A Natural Toe Nail Fungus Remedy that will easily cure and get rid of toe nail fungus permanently. What Causes Toe Nail Fungus? 1. Excessive Foot Sweating 2. Improper Air Flow / Ventilation to Toes 3 .Sharing Footwear 4. Infected Clippers or Nail Spa Contamination 5. Walking Barefoot in communal areas (gym, yoga studio, pool) 6. Weakened Immunity 7. Thyroid Imbalance 8. Poor Gut Health 9. Illnesses (diabetes, auto-immunity, chronic yeast infections) 10, Genetics Dr. Melissa’s Natural […]

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6 Natural Cures For Nail Infection – Body Cure

You Want to Learn More about Body Cures, but you don’t have the time. What should you do? ►Subscribe: Nails are simply a hard material made up of tough protein, which covers our fingertips and toes. The major role of a nail in the body is to increase the sensitivity of fingertips and protecting the delicate tissue on the tips. An average rate of nail’s growth is 3mm per month, however, it may vary from person to […]

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