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Relation of Planets & Health: Remedies

If you think that planets are only celestial bodies which cannot affect us then I’m sorry my friend you are wrong. Planets have great influence on our body and health. In today’s video let’s try to find out the relationship planets and its effects on our health. If you want to know remedies regarding any particular topic or problem, please let me know by writing in the comment section. Links of some other remedies which you may […]

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उपाय जो करेगा हर रोग को दूर I Remedies to Cure Any Disease.

Once more you all are heartily welcome . Today I am going to share with you this remedy which around you or you yourself or your family members, if anyone is suffering from any disease, this one remedy can get you cured of it. Astrologically the 6th house in your horoscope is said to be responsible for diseases . We can predict if a person has some physical ailment by checking this 6th house. And the ruler […]

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