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Vitamins to Help Herpes – Natural Cures For Herpes Outbreaks, Pain, Itching and Healing Time

Hello Folks in this video we are gonna see certain vitamins that will help you in fighting herpes. These vitamins are very helpful in eradicating herpes. vitamin c for herpes vitamin for herpes vitamin c for herpes zoster vitamin c for genital herpes vitamin c dosage for herpes vitamin c cure for herpes taking vitamin c for herpes supplements for herpes outbreaks lysine for herpes outbreaks vitamin e for herpes outbreaks vitamin d herpes outbreaks supplements for […]

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Coronavirus Pandemic Update 35: New Outbreaks & Travel Restrictions, Possible COVID-19 Treatments

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 35 with pulmonologist & critical care specialist Roger Seheult, MD of The World Health Organization has labeled COVID-19 a pandemic. There are multiple developments globally and in the United States where President Trump has banned incoming travel from most of Europe. Dr. Seheult discusses compelling data about hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil), Zinc, and possible COVID-19 supplements such as quercetin. LINKS from this video: Previous videos from this series: – Coronavirus Epidemic Update 34: US Cases Surge, […]

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