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NoFap Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction (Pornography Addiction)

[ad_1] In this video, I discuss NoFap Benefits and why internet pornography has such a high potential for making negative changes in our brain. My NoFap Series ~ Life Progress uploads every week, so if you like the content consider subscribing – I love reading all your comments and discussions. It would be great if this channel can be a catalyst for a community of people who want to help each other. My dream is to create […]

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Ep. 10: Pornography and Erectile Dysfunction | Lost in Pornoland

[ad_1] How Pornography is directly linked to Erectile Dysfunction. Series on ‘Science behind Addictions & how to overcome them specifically Porn Addiction’, the series will be written and narrated by brother Wael Ibrahim, a renowned public speaker and published author. The series will be animated and illustrated by us and made available to every single human being for free, In sha Allah. ——————- Pornography and Erectile Dysfunction. As we mentioned in earlier episodes, pornography addicts, whether single […]

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