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Images show mass burials at NYC public cemetery

[ad_1] While the rate of coronavirus hospitalizations may be falling in New York, New York City’s morgues are so crowded that crews are digging mass graves on Hart Island, near the Bronx, for bodies that have been unclaimed for more than two weeks. David Begnaud reports on the city’s ongoing crisis, and how the pandemic is now taking hold of the midwest. [ad_2]

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Pregnant coronavirus patient pleads for public to stay home

[ad_1] A heavily pregnant woman with coronavirus has begged the public to stop going out in an emotional video from her hospital bed. Karen Mannering, 39, said she had pneumonia in both lungs and had been ill for two weeks. ‘I’m fighting for me and my baby,’ she said. ‘I’ve got three kids at home and a husband I can’t see. Just don’t go out, it’s not worth it.’ Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► Coronavirus: […]

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Ill man makes plea for public to take coronavirus seriously

[ad_1] A 51-year-old man suspected of having coronavirus has made an emotional plea for the public to take Covid-19 seriously. Gasping for breath and struggling to speak, Andy Hardwick says he has been floored by it. ‘I wouldn’t wish it on my enemy,’ he says. ‘My spine hurts, my back hurts. You don’t want to talk, you get shortness of breath if you move around.’ Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► Anywhere but Westminster’s coronavirus diaries […]

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