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Sugar Babies Part 1: The Bitter Sweet Truth About Diabetes

[ad_1] Part 1 examines the public health epidemic of diabetic children in America from the point of view of the children and the families living with the diseases. The documentary offers a brief primer on diabetes: there are two main categories – type 1 and type 2. Both conditions occur when the body fails to perform its most essential function: converting food into energy. In both types of diabetes, the goal is to maintain “good control,” or […]

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Sweet Sex and Love

[ad_1] In this intimate bedroom romance, Shin-ah is a free spirited modern woman and Dong-gi is a young man searching for something new and exciting. Their chance meeting turns into an unforgettable night. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Shin-ah decides to meet Dong-gi for another passionate encounter. The two fall madly in love with each other and the romance begins. But when the sex runs out of steam, will they be able to find love with […]

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