Tamil Home Remedies and Natural Cures – Health Tips in Tamil


Tamil Home Remedies and Natural Cures – Health Tips in Tamil

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In olden days our families were joint family. If there is minor illness elders protect us with simple home remedies. But In today’s world where nuclear families are increasing we take tablets and medicines as per doctor’s advice. If you know some home remedies you can protect yourself form small illness. I am going to tell you about this today. Mix pepper powder, onion juice and salt and apply on your hair to cure hair fall due to pests. If you do this hair will grow in the affected area.

Piles problem will be cured if you take pepper powder mixed with equal amount of Fennel seeds powder and honey. If you take Sesame seeds regularly you will gain weight as well as it will strengthen your body. Diabetes will be controlled if you take 1 tsp Sesame cake everyday. Cumin seeds are useful to us in many ways. If you Boil cumin with Gingelly oil and apply on your hair and bath it will cure tiredness, fatigue, eye pain, headache will be cured. If you take 1 tsp of cumin seeds powder in the morning and night it will cure stomach disorders, indigestion and ulcer.

It controls high blood pressure and if you take Cumin seeds water you can prevent digestion problems. You can use garlic to cure taunsilits, throat infections and cough for children. Children can get rid of this problem if you rub the juice of garlic mixed with honey in their tongue. If you eat garlic cooked in milk it will reduce cholesterol and mammal flesh. Castor oil is a good remedy for eye problem. If you add castor oil in your diet it improves eye sight, protects skin and cures constipation.

If you burp often grind coriander seeds and fennel seeds and take to get rid of it and coriander seeds prevent bad breath. Mostly we use curry leaves for hair as people tell that it is good for hair. Take curry leaves powder to prevent anaemia. Some people suffer from kidney stone problem and they take banana stem in food. They can also take flax seeds. Boil 10 milli flax seeds in 10 milli water, add salt and drink to cure kidney stones problem.

You can give this water to new mothers also to give refreshment. Most of the people suffer from indigestion, stomach ache due to food allergy. Boil 1 tsp of Omum in water and drink to cure indigestion and this also relieves gastric problems. It is always good if we add dry ginger in our food. If you chew dry ginger it is good for your teeth. You can grind it and use it as a pack to cure head ache and knee pain. Lack of appetite can be cured by taking dry ginger powder mixed with milk.