Thai Yoga Massage for Cancer Cachexia Protocol


Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James Indigenous, Traditional Medicinal Therapies as Cancer complication remediation and palliative support for Cachexia. 10th. World Conference of Indigenous and Traditional Medicines, Nevis West Indies, June 2017. Dr. James an Aachan/ Ajahn (Professor) and Master teacher of Indigenous, Traditional Ayurveda and Thai Yoga discusses principles and practices of treating successfully Cachexia in Cancer Palliative care and or Hospice care.

Religious Therapeutics are healing practices of religious and ingenous people and include Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga, Monastic and Native American Medicine.

The conference was sponsored by SMOKH (Sacred Medical Order of the Church of Hope) a UN registered International ecuminical organization.

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Dr. James, director of the Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC) is director of the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and Thai Yoga Center of Brooksville, FL.