The Best Alternative Investments to Make Your Money Grow and Diversify


Do you want to diversify your portfolio? Heres several assets that can do that without needing you to miss out on any of the gains!

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In this video I’m going to give you the best alternative investments to use as a hedge against inflation and the Stockmarket. As well as how to make money trading any collectable you want. I won’t be including: stocks, Real estate, Crypto currency, bonds or NFT’s if you want a video about those, tell me in the comments below. (Text saying: not sponsored)

Let’s start with Fine wine. You can easily invest in fine wine through Vinovest. Its returned 13.5% over the last 15 years and it’s not correlated with the stock market, which is ideal if you want more diversification and stability. It has a minimum investment of $1,000 and 2.85% in fees. However the fact that it has out preformed the stock market during the most insane bull run in history is very impressive. It would make a fine addition to your portfolio.

With Harvest Returns you can invest in farm and timberland. This is an extremely save investment, 8-12% annual returns and only a 1% fee. It sounds almost too good to be true however it does have one drawback, it has a $5,000 minimum investment. Still if you can shell out that kind of money than its definitely worth it. Low risk yet you get to maintain your big gains? It’s a no brainer.

Just like Fine Art. Blue chip art has a 13.6% return for the last 26 years! The only problem, how do you buy it? The pieces are literally worth millions of dollars. You’re already rich if you can buy this asset. Until now with masterworks. Master works allows you to invest with as little as $5,000, still a-lot but it’s now actually achievable. They return 10-25% and only have a 1.5% fee. This might just be the best one in this video.

To top off your portfolio lets look at one of the most iconic alternative investments. The oldest currency and store of wealth known to man! It’s GOOOOLD. Gold averages 10.6% year over year, its a real asset used in more than just jewelry. Dentists use it when doing fillings or crowns. Its used in cancer treatments! Its extremely conductive and never corrodes so its used In computers and spaceships. Every calculator, GPS, cell phone, and television use gold as well. Basically its the best shiny thing , has a lot of industrial uses, and is thousands of years old.

What about Pokemon cards? Some of those sell for millions, what about video games? Some of those sell for hundreds or thousands. And all the other random collectable items, figurings, card games, magazines etc… Can you make money with those? Yes! if you have specific knowable about any collectable then you can make money from it. When your specialized like that you can know which card is worth it, and which isn’t. I’ve been a gamer for pretty much my whole life. When Nintendo announced a limited addition Animal crossing switch lite, I knew it would sell out fast. Within a week of the console launching it was sold out and going for $100 above retail price. You can use your expertise on your own nerdy passions to make them Benjamins!

To be honest, before I started making this video I didn’t think much of alternative investments, My investing plan was to automate my savings to buy the VOO, S & P 500 ETF. It beats 98% of financial investors, it’s trustworthy and its simple. However after looking at all of these great investments I’ve now realized how much better it is to diversify even further than a general market fund. You don’t have to lose out on any gains, in fact you will most likely make even more money, while protecting your wealth to a greater degree.

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