Welcome to Episode 70 of the KNGDOM – a golf-focused show with a variety of sports, music, and commerce mixed in.

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE – After having our minds blown over the story that recently came out on Morgan Hoffman, and his departure from the PGA Tour. Morgan moved to Costa Rica to seek treatment for a medical condition that forced him to leave the tour. Morgan ended up living in a windowless house in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica. A fascinating story with a good ending – so far. We discuss this and the impact alternative treatments have had on our own lives.

We also had a return of the segments including Reggie’s Stroke Saver, Culture Corner, and a new segment from Jor (yet to be named).

Reggie shared 5 tips from Tiger Woods on a mindset/course management strategy to shave some strokes.

Drums shares a new documentary he watched about a conman on Tinder that robbed several women hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Jor shares “5 reasons why I own bitcoin” discussing the future world currency and how it will impact us.

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