The Only 2 Food Groups For Better Erections | Beat Erectile Dysfunction

For unreliable erections, erectile dysfunction or getting harder erections there are only two food groups…alive and dead. Once you understand what the difference is and increase the amount of live food you eat the easier it is for your body to heal and get back to harder erections.

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Your sexual energy comes mainly from what you eat. The more live foods you eat easier it is to heal many illnesses and overcome erectile dysfunction or weak erections.

It is very simple actually…just eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and beans. Vegetation stores energy from the sun for us to consume. By increasing the percentage of these foods you will get your erections back naturally.

Many of the supplements out there your body already makes. It is easier for your body to make testosterone, HGH, L-Arginine, etc when you eat live foods. All other food is processed which is marketing speak for DEAD. They take live vegetation or animals and put them in a form to last for months longer than they would in their natural state.

If you are constantly putting dead food in your body it is not going to respond well. Yes, you can live for quite some time eating just processed foods but your erections will suffer and can easily lead to erectile dysfunction.

While you can focus on some specific live foods, it is more important to increase the percentage of all live plants you eat. Live food equals live erections. Dead food equal dead erections. Like I said…pretty simple.