Top 10 Dog Rehabilitation Centers Near Me In USA


Dog Rehabilitation Near Me
So your veterinary recommendation for your dog is to get a rehabilitation? No need to worry; you will need a physiotherapist.

Like human physiotherapy, functional rehabilitation or veterinary physiotherapy aims to remedy disorders of musculoskeletal origin that affect the joints, tendons, muscles or ligaments of an animal, most often a dog or a horse.

It reduces the animal’s recovery time and improves its quality by relieving pain and limiting the harmful consequences of inflammation on the tissues.

When Does My Dog Need Therapy?
Physiotherapy is most often used in the postoperative period, after an intervention on the musculoskeletal system: fractures, patella dislocation, hip dysplasia, rupture of knee ligaments, herniated disc.

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It can also intervene in the preoperative period to prepare the animal for surgery.

Veterinarians also recommend physiotherapy sessions for locomotor disorders linked to neurological damage or simply to the animal’s ageing, in addition to or as an alternative treatment to medical treatment.

Where Are The Best Rehabilitation Centers Near Me?
Dog physiotherapy centres are all around the US. That’s good news since you won’t have to travel just to get to this centre. Here are a few that could be in your neighbourhood.

Macke Institute
Macke Institute is of the leading rehab in the USA. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, they focus on giving your dog as much care as if it were a human.

They believe that physical therapy is the primary treatment of neurological and musculoskeletal problems your dog might be facing, and they are the best in town to help you combat such deficiencies.

They work using a research-based therapy sequence that is 100% assured of results.

You will require to be referred by a veterinary doctor to consider your application. This is necessary to coordinate initial treatments and therapy with the ones your dog will enjoy. Veterinary doctors understand this, and they give referrals quite easily.

The institute is led by therapist Dr Cris Macke.

You can make a phone call via (402) 413-9872. Interested to see what they’ve got to offer? Check out their website at

Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Centre
Pawsitive boosts of a team of highly trained animal loving doctors. This rehab centre is located at 1894 Star Batt Drive Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Their mission focuses on physical rehabilitation therapy for injured dogs and those recovering from surgery. Like Macke Institute, an appointment can only be booked at Pawsivite on a veterinary doctor’s report or input.

You can schedule an appointment from Monday to Thursday. Working hours differ from day to day. Check their website for opening and closing hours.

Pawsitive is led by lead therapist Dr Tari Kern, a passionate animal lover. She studied veterinary medicine at Michigan State College of Veterinary medicine and also has a certificate in veterinary acupuncture.

You can call for more information on (248) 564‑0309 or (855) 311‑PAWS (7297) Or email at Their website is

RehabK9 LLC
RehabK9 LLC is located at 544 Campbell Avenue, West Haven, Connecticut.

The first promise they make on their website is that they will take care of your furry four-legged friends. And they keep to their words. With services beyond physical therapy, they are the one-stop-shop for your dog’s physiological and neurological needs.

Their major services include pet massages, pet barkery and home care. They also have offer laser therapy and weight-bearing exercises.

Dr Sweata Giri is the head therapist with over 10 years of experience. Certified in canine rehabilitation practitioner, she earned her degree in canine rehabilitation practitioner program, University of Tennessee.

She also holds a PhD in Physical Therapy secured from Loma Linda University, California. Want to reach them via telephone? Call 267-777-7213. Or visit their website at

There is no information about needing a veterinary doctor’s referral to book an appointment.

West Park Animal Hospital
West Park Animal Hospital is located at 4117 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio.

Their aim for your dogs is stated clearly in their mission statement on their website. They pledge to focus on giving your pet high-quality medical care while promoting client education and communication.

They know that your pet is more than just an animal; it’s family. They will use their state of the art technology to deliver the best job your dog can experience.

Their services include physical therapy, dental care, well-being test, eye test and aged dog care.

Does your dog need surgery? West Park is the best place to carry out your dog’s operation.