UCSF Madison Clinic at Braden Diabetes Center

75% of the cases of Type 1 diabetes actually occur in children under 18 years of age. Thatโ€™s a very vulnerable population and therefore it was a population which the Braden Diabetes Center, as an adult service center, was previously unable to serve. Now with the collaboration of UCSFโ€™s Madison Clinic, the clinic for pediatric diabetic care, we are able to extend our services to the population of youngsters with type 1 diabetes.

The children of over 100 families potentially in MC can now receive their subspecialty, endocrinology care, here locally at the Braden Center under the auspices of their very same treating doctors at UCSF.

It makes me really happy to see these children walk into the Braden Center where there are toys already in the waiting room and a special area where they can play and color, and everything has really been optimized for them, a few minutes from where they live.

This access is extremely important that we give to the patient, to their family and also to the school and social environment that surround these children and become a very important part of their lives, especially in adolescence. As patients transition through diabetes, they need to become increasingly self-aware and able to manage their own diabetes.

There is a rather disturbing statistic that the control of diabetes has been improving in almost every are of the population except for adolescents, in which it has continued to deteriorate. So part of our pediatric care, actually hopefully will be focused on adolescents, and it is my hope that we in fact will have a subgroup of adolescent support and other services to serve this very at-risk population who can get into trouble. I think this is a great hope for our collaboration with Madison.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with a Pediatric Diabetes Expert, call 1-415-514-6234.