Vastu Remedies for Cancer Treatment | Vastu Tips for Better Health

Cancer is a critical illness. A person suffering from cancer has to go through a lot of pain and discomfort. I had personally seen a close relative who was suffering from Cancer when I was 20 years. His pain and discomfort was unbearable and he died of cancer only.

In my Vastu career, I treated approximately 7-8 cases of cancer in which all the patients were at 3rd and 4th stages of cancer and when their vastu imbalances are cured in their home, they started seeing recovery and won the battle from this deadly disease.

Apart from Vastu, some astrological remedies were also suggested but in this video, I’ll be sharing all the vastu doshas which are responsible for causing cancer.

I have also shared the remedies with the help of which you can cure these vastu doshas.

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