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Attention: This is not a dating site.
I am the Mother of an Angel in the process of Healing traumatic grief.
I am NOT a licensed therapist but use many teachings for healing abuse trauma, 12 step addiction recovery and grief.
I highly suggest one on one individual talk therapy with a licensed professional for deep Soul Healing. Be very cautious Who You choose to take advice from, if it benefits You or THEM.
If You are here for ANY REASON than Healing, #meditation and positive vibrations to learn #copingskills and natural #healing with #herbs and You are on the wrong channel. There are many other AMAZING channels that may meet Your needs elsewhere. Kindly keep what resonates for You personally & leave the rest. My motto is, If the shoe fits, rock it, if it doesn’t apply let it FLY!

Welcome to Collective HUE-MAN Christ Conscious Healing #selflove #meditation for inner childhood wounds for the collective Christ Consciousness Ascension Awakening WithIN.
This Great Love Awakening is NOT from a political leader, but Our Great & Divine Spirit INside! Facing the #darkknight of Our shadow Self and archetypes, such as the victim and wounded inner child & selling Our Self short IS essential for Ascension to master the seven powers of Our Own Ego and #energy unblocking #chakras. Avoiding Our Healing causes MUCH unnecessary suffering to not only Ourselves but everyone We encounter.
Many egos will not like what I have to say , but I speak with Love & I hope they find their way.
On this journey I became a life coach & Healer of MySelf. I’m warrior survivor of every type of abuse healing complex #ptsd. My Gifts, service to Humanity and mission is helping guide beautyFULL Souls to recover & Heal Our emotional Self from any unhealthy toxic habits, behaviors, relationships, obsessions and #addictions with healthy #copingskills by correcting unhealthy thoughts, beliefs and behaviors with #oraclecards positive healthy self-love & forgiveness for #mentalhealth #trauma #anxiety and #depression
Anything I speak is from what I have personally experienced in My life from My perception. My mission is to bring Faith, Hope, Love & Light, Peace & Comfort & GOOD NEWS 2 a cold dark angry world filled with so much fear, confusion, chaos, anger & drama.
I use & follow 13 Sign True Sidereal Astrology & include the 9th sign and constellation of Ophiuchus The Healer
We use every tool to help Us stay positive while Healing and returning to Love.
❤️Root Chakra “I am connected with The Energy of Mother Earth. My Body, Mind, & Spirit are grounded, centered, & purified.”
🧡Sacral Chakra “I LUV ALL dimensions of MySelf, I delight in weaving the creative tapestry that is My Life.”
💛Solar Plexus Chakra “My Will & Divine Will are One. I am connected to the abundant flow of The Universe & easily manifest My dreams.”
💚Heart Chakra “My Heart IS open 2 receive The Energy of LUV. I radiate this essence. I walk My path with Ease & Grace.”
💙Throat Chakra “I Am aligned with My Highest Truth & Communicate this with Love & Honor. My Words echo softly withIN The Universe”
💜Third Eye Chakra “My Mind Is Open 2 New Vision. I expand My Awareness through My Higher Self.”
👑 Crown Chakra “I am Connected 2 The Divine Source of The Universe. I Am Light. I Trust.”
Speak Positive Affirmations 2 Self & Watch Our WHOLE Perspective Transform Our Beliefs
Toltec 5 Agreements
Agreement 1~ Be Impeccable WIth Your Word
Agreement 2 ~ Don’t Take Anything Personally
Agreement 3 ~Don’t Make Assumptions
Agreement 4 ~ Always Do Your Best
Agreement 5 ~ Be Skeptical, But Learn 2 Listen

Whoever is reading this,
In case no one told You today,
You are SO specially essential & You MATTER!
Thank You for being SO AWESOME!
This is for YOU!

I do not do personal readings, only Collective Meditation Oracles for everyone.

My contact info is:
I will get 2 U as soon as possible!

SO MUCH Gratitude to all You cheerleaders & Lovers in this Soul Family working together!

Self-Love Healing wisdom & knowledge doesn’t cost a thing, so money isn’t expected or required. I work off of donation, which are gladly welcome and much appreciated.
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I give all credit & abundant gratitude to all the amazing Authors & Artists of every tool I use to teach universal Love and Healing for cognitive dissonance, shame, trauma & addiction recovery. I do NOT claim to own rights to anything or anyOne.