Women, Sex and Addiction

Women, Sex and Addiction is one of my all-time favorite books! It’s not what you think. Talk about an eye-opener!! Don’t let the title scare you – get it, own it!

Charlotte Kasl just read my book! I almost fell over when she contacted me. I love this woman!!! She is a Godsend.

This is what she said:

With relentless honesty, humor and vitality, Angela Shelton combines the voices of other Angela Sheltons to expose the depths of sexual and physical abuse toward women that pervades the America family. Angela Shelton opens the door for countless others to stop denying their pain, tell their stories, and join together in the revolutionary act of getting well and loving themselves. What started as a road trip to interview a cross section of women—all named Angela Shelton—turned into a tsunami of people confronting the horror of abuse. One wonders if we should stop worrying so much about terrorists crossing our borders, and focus on the terrorism that exists on a daily basis in millions of American homes. Read this book and understand why.
–Charlotte Sophia Kasl author of Women, Sex, and Addiction: A Search for Love and Power, If the Buddha Dated, and Many Roads, One Journey, Moving Beyond the Twelve Steps

Check out what volunteers and angels are doing around my book already!

I heard a little birdie say that groups are already starting to form to go meet in person in Barnes and Nobels nationwide to get the book the day it comes out and network with each other. That’s awesome! Find a team near you on the team page (just click on your state) and and then I’ll show up to come meet you if I’m near there. You all are so awesome! This grassroots movement just shows that you are ready to move forward and you will no matter what. I love it.

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