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Why I specialize in ADHD! The reason I want to help you is because my father had ADHD and became a millionaire and then lost it all after 4 marriages and ended up living with his mother before he passed away! My brother also had ADHD and my mother rode him all the way through elementary, middle and high school as well as college to get a 4 year degree!! He is now a great husband, father and leader and is making a difference in the lives of teenagers. I want you to avoid the mess my father had to go through and I want to share how my brother turned out to be a good organized leader. Let me help you and you!
ADHD Parenting Video Tips and Alternative Holistic Treatments | ADD Child Teen Adult Counseling Orlando Based Expert Jim West, MA, LMHC, NCC
Does your Child Act before they think? Do you ever wonder what an ADHD Student is thinking? ADHD Students and Adults often do not think before they act so when you ask them what were you thinking often they are honest by responding with “I wasn’t thinking!” Why do they do things before they think? This segment will help you get in the ADHD teen or child’s mind to better understand them and reach them. This is a video preview but the entire video also covers what ADHD leads to without treatment, alternative treatments for ADHD, behavior charts and more which are included in the workbook! Listen to what others are saying about StressLess with ADHD by Jim West, MA, LMHC, NCC
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“This guy — Jim West — is the Best Presenter.”-Ely S.
“Presentation was very informative. This was my first Workshop, and I really enjoyed it.” This segment helps you get in the head of an ADHD Student.
“Overcome ADHD Classroom Challenges with this video as empathy is the key to teaching, parenting and treating the ADHD student. This approach is a positive refreshing, and holistic approach to treating ADHD. Jim West is an international keynote speaker, nationally certified and Florida state licensed counselor. He has helped thousands of families deal with stubborn, oppositional defiant students. This video is available on DVD or download the video or audio and listen on your MP3 player or computer. WATCH More FREE ADHD Video Tips @
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